Thing 1 & Thing 2

Ann Finegan, Huy Nguyen, Neil McKenzie, Oskar Backent, Tina Stefanou, Rosie Thomas

We selected 2 video moments and invited 6 participants to respond via email. Each participant had 2 days to the think, create and reply to our provocation.


Day 1 Bundanon, our first exercise was to observed some simple moments that where inspired by thinking about the project established by Daniel Peltz and Sissi Westerberg - CLEAN IT UP!

The two ’things’ we are sharing with you are provocations and moments from this first exercise. You may: add to, remove, polish, dust, ponder upon, discard, put away, sweep up, hide under your bed, scrub. You might want to use one, both or none of the ’things’.

Here are the Vimeo links to watch and or download.

Thing 1 Thing 2

Please send your response, reaction, revelation, by Sunday 9 August, 5pm. We will be in contact again early next week. This is serious business which we hope will inspire.

With Kindness
Robyn and Ian

P.S References to Rejmyre at Lab

Thing 1
Thing 2

Provocation 1 - Ann Finegan


Self-seeded parsley assisting bougainvillea leaves on its way to becoming soil

Provocation 2 - Huy Nguyen

Thing 1: 

Look around to see if there’s any more dirty dishes to add.

Otherwise, scrub.

Thing 2:

Ponder upon - whose poop is it? Definitely not my cat’s?

What kind of person does not clean up after their pet?

Anyway, it’s in my front yard.

If I don’t pick it up, i’m bound to step on it.

Provocation 3 - Neil McKenzie

Neil McKenzie

Provocation 4 - Oskar Backent

## Provocation 4 - Oskar Backent

Provocation 5 - Rosie Thomas

Clean Up 1
Clean Up 2
Thinking about cleaning up
Rosie Thomas

Provocation 6 - Tina Stefanou