Noticing Little Things

thinking and talking through the parameters of the project

You start a project, you are excited and filled with a grand vision, as you work, you begin to recognise the familiar over-blown concern or rhetoric “It will be great or at least greater”. As time goes on you try and whittle down your focus to something true, something honest and within your grasp. Something which belongs to yourself.

What is to be cleaned up? There is so much. The origins of this project mapped on the home page seeks to bind us together. The idea of a pan-national effort offers a big stage for our gestures. We would be here ( Australia ) and Daniel and Sissi were there in Kalbo Sweden. I had visions of a joint venture with international significance, or… at least synchronicity through magical connections of thought and effort. Again - what is to be cleaned up? Rejmyre Artlab’s focus started with a 200 year old industrial dump. We have our own toxic wastes, our own destructive mining and agricultural practices. But… I’m drifting.

This is an art research project investigating what is clean-it-up can be. For Robyn and I, and circling out into works, practices and relationships.


journal pic


  1. A guesture
  2. A construction
  3. An action
  4. A process

Pinned to the top of page one. We come back to this later. First it gets messy. There are lots of ideas and voices to consider.